Drunk Groom Caught Cheating On His Bride During Reception

Drunk Groom Cheats On Bride At Wedding

It's no surprise that alcohol can lead people to make questionable decisions, but one Austrian groom really crossed the line when he was caught having sex with a waitress at his very own wedding reception, according to the Austrian Times.

It was only a few hours after the 27-year-old groom had tied the knot in Feldkirch, Austria, but apparently, all of that booze really clouded his judgment.

After the father of the bride caught his new son-in-law in the act, he stopped the party and told all the guests to leave.

Although the bride now wants a divorce, the Austrian Times is reporting that she'll have to wait six months to split in accordance with Austrian law.

Unfortunately, this groom isn't the only guy who's gotten out of hand at a wedding. Click through the slideshow below to read five stories of drunken wedding guest antics, then share your own horror stories in the comments.

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