Watch The Sh*t Bouncers Go Through On New Year's Eve

Humans are the worst.

Human beings are generally deplorable creatures, but the combination of unbridled New Year's Eve partying and the promise of a fresh start in 2016 really brings out the worst in everybody.

A bouncer at the Gatsby nightclub in Ontario wore a GoPro and filmed some intoxicated New Year's Eve clubgoers to show just how awful the human race really is.

"It's my brother's birthday! I need to get in!" one clearly drunk (and clearly lying) dude screams

"Put on your shoes," the bouncer kindly asks a girl, who apparently just "can't."

The footage is from 2014 but was recently uploaded to YouTube. For all intents and purposes, NYE 2015 probably looked exactly like this, with a matching hangover.

People suck, especially on New Year's Eve. Thankfully, there are 362 days until we ring in 2017 and do it all over again.

H/T Uproxx

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