Drunk Concertgoer Pees On 72-Year-Old Woman In Pret A Manger

"An unsavory, unpleasant incident," his lawyer says.

A magistrate called the act “nasty, vicious and despicable.”

How about really disgusting, too?

A 19-year-old university student pleaded guilty to common assault this week after he urinated on an elderly woman sipping coffee at a Pret A Manger in Manchester, England, outlets reported.

Mason Hudson walked into the store at breakfast time on June 12 and proceeded to relieve himself on a 72-year-old customer, according to testimony noted by the Sun. He then struck the store manager in the face as he left.

The manager had already witnessed Hudson peeing on the woman as she screamed, and he alerted police. Cops quickly apprehended Hudson. The teenager’s lawyer said he had gotten high at a music festival on “a concoction of drink and drugs,” the Mirror wrote. 

Hudson explained to cops that he recalled urinating in the shop, but couldn’t remember why, the Manchester Evening News reported.

According to the Mirror, Hudson pleaded guilty to two charges of common assault and received a suspended 20-week jail term. The court also ordered Hudson to pay compensation to both victims, but the woman’s whereabouts could not be traced.

“This is an unsavory, unpleasant incident,” Hudson’s attorney, Nnamdi Inegbu, told the court, per the Sun. “He’s very ashamed and it’s regrettable that he finds himself in this position.”

“He doesn’t remember but doesn’t dispute what he did,” the attorney added.