CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Knife-Wielding, Rum-Guzzling Monkey In Rooftop Standoff In Brazil

This monkey was tame... until it picked up a knife.

Don't mess with this monkey.

A rum-drinking primate grabbed a butcher's knife and hopped onto the roof of a makeshift bar in Patos, Brazil, where it stabbed at the tiles and then waved the blade over the edge -- essentially, giving the folks below some very strong "BACK OFF" vibes.

People can be heard hollering and laughing at the monkey as it brandishes the knife in an incident filmed earlier this month.

"It was a bar staff oversight that ended with the monkey drinking some rum and taking the knife," Lt. Col Saul Laurentino of the local fire department told the aRede news website.

He said the monkey had apparently been tamed, perhaps after many visits to the pub. Or rather, the monkey WAS tame... until it was armed.

"After the knife he wanted no man around," he said.

UPI reports that firefighters managed to disarm the monkey and release him into the woods, but he quickly went to another home and began acting aggressively and had to be captured again.

Local officials are deciding if he can be released into the wild again or sent into captivity.

Maybe he just needs a rehab program.

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