Drunk Ohio Priest Ignatius Kury Propositions Cops While Handcuffed In Cell (VIDEO)

Ouch, we don't want to be Father Ignatius Kury on Sunday morning.

The inebriated priest was picked up by Ohio cops after wrecking his car while driving under the influence; his level of intoxication measured at three times the legal limit.

After bringing the disoriented priest to the station, the officers handcuffed him in a holding cell. At that point, Kury took the opportunity to demand to be released and offered the police a few, well, "favors" in return for being let go. When that failed, he moved on to threatening them with a visit from Oprah Winfrey, and finally, realizing you catch more flies with honey, regaled his captors with a mangled rendition of the "Star Spangled banner."

File this one under, "Did that really just happen?"


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