21 Awesome Drunk Purchases Your Sober Self Would Thank You For Buying

21 Drunk Purchases That Were Totally Worth It

Are you guilty of SUI? That is, shopping under the influence?

Because these Reddit and Imgur users certainly are -- and they have no regrets about it.

Take a look at 21 of the finest items people claim to have purchased after imbibing a few too many spirits below.

1. This Nicolas Cage pillowcase.

"Do I ever get drunk and order things off Amazon? No, why do you ask?"

2. A bow tie for a cat.

"I was browsing eBay while drunk so naturally I bought my cat a bowtie."

3. A trip to Iceland.

"So... I got drunk this past weekend and drunkenly bought a plane ticket to Iceland... looks like I am going to Iceland in August."

4. This decorative rug depicting Saddam Hussein.

"Went on eBay drunk..."

5. A Mexican "Predator" statue.

"Got drunk in Mexico. Bought a statue of predator flexing made of bone. No regrets."

6. A puppy*.

"My mom got drunk last night and bought my family a third dog. Everybody meet Hudson!"

*We don't actually recommend bringing home a puppy while drunk -- even if it's this cute.

7. A horse mask.

"Best drunk purchase ever."

8. A McDonald's meal... From the Dominos guy.

"Drunk. Got the dominos guy to buy me McDonald's in the special instructions section."

9. The first four "Game Of Thrones" books.

"My drunk Amazon purchase. Am I doing it right?"

10. An abstract portrait of a monkey.

"Apparently I went drunk shopping on Amazon last Saturday, and this arrived today. I regret nothing."

11. A stately portrait of a monkey.

"My friend's latest drunken eBay purchase."

12. A stuffed squirrel riding a miniature horse.

"I just got drunk and bought this guy. What should I call him?"

13. A mug that looks like a sea captain.

"Sometimes I regret my drunk purchases. This is not one of those times"

14. A mug with a picture of Gary Busey on it.

"Ordered it at 4 a.m. (drunk), forgot about it, showed up in my mailbox yesterday."

15. An umbrella hat.

"Sometimes ordering things from Amazon while drunk turns out great."

16. Batman supplies.

"Well at least I wasn't the only one to get drunk and get something off of Amazon."

17. A pizza that you forget about until you wake up the next day.

"My boyfriend got drunk and ordered pizza and forgot. In the morning he found the surprise pizza. It's the happiest I have ever seen him."

18. A Choco Taco that you forget about for three days.

"Discovered a drunk purchase I made 3 days ago."

19. 1,000 Communion wafers, A.K.A. Nutella snacks.

"What to do if you're drunk and accidentally order communion bread off E-bay."

20. Season 1 of a childhood favorite.

"Drunk me likes to buy sober me presents."

21. This awesome Lil' Sebastian poster.

"I got drunk one night and ordered a $20 laminated poster. I have no regrets."

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