Drunk Santa Adam Klimek Accused Of Battery To Cop, Store Worker

Drunk Santa Kicks Cop In The Shins

Santa wasn't exactly at his jolliest at a store in Chicago's Lake View neighborhood last Friday.

Adam Klimek, who entered the Brown Elephant shop in a Santa hat and fake fur coat, was reportedly "using profanity to the customers and appeared intoxicated," according to WLS AM. So a store employee politely escorted the drunk and swearing Klimek to the door.

As he was leaving, he allegedly shoved a store employee to the ground, then took off running south on Halsted Street.

Fortunately, he wasn't hard for police to spot -- a bright red Santa hat doesn't exactly blend in -- and he was detained just down the block.

Once officers got cuffs on Klimek, he "spit at and kicked an officer in the shin, causing her to suffer bruises and swelling," according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

The ill-tempered Santa was charged with felony aggravated battery to police, as well as two smaller misdemeanors.

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