Drunk Thief Falls Asleep While Robbing House Near Moscow (VIDEO)

Burglary and booze don't mix, as one Russian robber recently discovered.

Authorities say the alleged thief, an unidentified man from Tajikistan, was in the middle of robbing a house near Moscow when he saw a bottle of vodka and couldn't say "nyet," according to the Russian news site Rianovosti.

Apparently, that was a bad decision because after a few shots, the suspect fell asleep on the bed and was still snoozing when the homeowners arrived.

It was a rude awakening for the robber, but he could have plenty of chances to catch up on his sleep, because authorities say he could spend 10 years in jail.

Alcohol has recently destroyed other budding criminal careers.

Last month, two drunk thieves were thwarted in their attempts to steal a 70-pound hunk of frozen meat from a kebab shop in Scotland, when the meat fell on one of the guys' toes according to the Daily Record.

Back in April, three drunk blokes in Australia attempted to reenact The Hangover by breaking into Sea World and stealing a penguin.

When they sobered up, they freaked out when they saw the bird and reportedly set him free in an area known to have sharks.

Luckily, the penguin was eventually rescued.