DRUNK WASPS: Just When You Thought They Couldn't Get Worse

DRUNK WASPS: Just When You Thought They Couldn't Get Worse

Humanity's worst fear has been realized: wasps are getting drunk. And they're not fun drunks, either.

The British Red Cross is warning citizens of a record number of wasps in the UK that are out of a job. That is, their queens are fully supplied with nectar, leaving worker wasps to do nothing but laze around and drink fermenting fruit.

The Independent reported that as winter approaches, wasps are becoming bolder and angrier as they get older. And now these retirees are getting wasted and stinging with more frequency.

“It’s hilarious that, now worker wasps have finished their life's work, all they are doing now is feasting on fermented fruit and getting ‘drunk,’" Joe Mulligan, head of first aid at the British Red Cross, says in a news release.

"Hilarious" is not the word we'd use. "A threat to the well-being of everything good in the world" seems a more appropriate line.

A recent video of a wasp literally tearing a bee in half recently made waves online, and that wasp was sober. We can't even imagine what kind of atrocities this new breed of angry old drunks will commit.

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