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An Easy Way To Dry Damp Clothes Quickly

Because there is nothing worse than pulling on wet jeans.
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Here's a laundry problem that everyone has encountered at one point: That small load of laundry that you did the night before emerges from the dryer still wet. What to do?

Obviously, you can put it back in the dryer, but that might take too long. There is a way that you can speed up the process without being late for work, or pillaging from that "I think it's clean" pile of clothes. All you have to do is throw a dry towel into the dryer with the damp clothes.

See, the towel helps absorb the excess moisture in the clothes as they tumble in the dryer, helping the load dry twice as fast. (This tip also works on fresh-from-the-wash laundry, as well.) The only downside is that this can often create static cling, so you might want to throw a dryer sheet into the mix.

What tips do you have for speeding up laundry day? Share them in the comments, and make sure to click through out slideshow of other cool tricks.

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