The Secret To Smooth Elbows: Steamy Showers, Vaseline & A Banana Peel? (VIDEO)

The Secret To Smooth Elbows Is...A Banana Peel?

On icky, sticky summer days, I take the less stifling route and slip into sleeveless tanks and dresses. But after propping my elbows against the arm rests of the bus or long, white desk at the office, I end up with ashy joints before noon. Totally not sexy! And no matter how much shea butter lotion I smooth on throughout the day, the problem resurfaces.

According to Dr. Andrew Ordon of TV's "The Doctors," like many women, my approach to tackling dry skin needs to be reconsidered. In the video above, the plastic surgeon explains how applying petroleum jelly to dry elbows before stepping into a steamy shower will help the moisturizer penetrate deeper. Then pat dry and top with vitamin E oil for a glistening finish. Another effective and simple remedy: Take a banana peel and rub in circular motions on elbows.

Yet, his colleague Dr. Jim Sears cautions that there are two dry skin conditions where these treatments won't work and will require a professional's care: Psoriasis and eczema.

Do you suffer from severely dry skin? What's your solution (natural or over-the-counter) to obtaining much-needed moisture? Tell us in the comments section.

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