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Dryer Sheets Can Replace Shower Cleaner, Feather Dusters And More

Dryer sheets can work wonders when you're doing laundry, but they can actually come in handy during all different types of chores around the house. That's right, just one of these little guys can be used in place of quite an array of household products. Scroll through our list of swaps to see just how much they can do.

Shower Cleaners
Scum buildup isn't exactly fun to clean, but by adding a little water to a fabric-softener sheet, you can actually scrub it away very easily.

Feather Dusters
Forget traditional dusters, using one of these bad boys will help you reach places like baseboards and prevent particles from accumulating in the future.

Chrome Cleaner
Whether you want your house or car to shine, dryer sheets can make any chrome fixture sparkle.

Television Cleaner
Probably only good to use if you want to remove that static and dust from the tube. If you're interested in trying, all you have to do is take a sheet and run it along the television.

These aren't just for clothes in the dryer. Placing a few sheets in drawers, between clothes, will help make your garments smell nice.

Bug Repellent
According to our blogger, fabric softener sheets can repels gnats thanks to chemicals that prevent their larva from wreaking havoc on plants.

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