DSCC Accuses GOP Of Wasting 1,000 Hours In Senate (VIDEO)

The capacity of Democrats to cast Republicans as a party without solutions has, to a certain extent, allowed for progress on a whole host of fronts - not least of which has been the maintenance of an advantage in generic public opinion polls.

And as party leadership inches closer to getting health care reform through Congress, and as the 2010 congressional elections approach, the charge that the only agenda Republicans have is to undermine the president's, seems likely to only intensify.

On Friday, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee put out a web video that accuses Republicans of "wasting 1,000 hours in the Senate" through procedural rules and other parliamentary ploys. The spot - reminiscent of the notorious Mac v. P.C. television commercials - casts the GOP as a stuffy white-collared tycoon who "just kind of wants to see [Dems] fail."

"Ideas are hard, blocking them is easy, especially in the Senate," the Republican says, "We won't get caught as long as [Americans] are confused by all the noise and misinformation we throw out there."

It's a relatively traditional web ad in what will, undoubtedly, be a series of spots that the two party committees run against each other. And where exactly the DSCC gets its 1,000 hours figure isn't entirely clear. But the charge is not entirely impotent. And the betting money among Democratic strategists is that if the party can, actually, get a health care bill out, and if no single Republican actually votes for the measure, the 2010 equation changes significantly in their favor.