DSCC Has Record Fundraising Month

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee reported a haul of $6.8 million for last month, making it the committee's most successful February ever.

The DSCC has now raised $66 million this election cycle -- more than any previous cycle. The National Republican Senatorial Committee, meanwhile, had raised $41.3 million as of January. The NRSC February total isn't yet available.

Guy Cecil, DSCC executive director, said in a statement Thursday that Republicans' dependence on the billionaire Koch brothers for campaign funding has led to their adoption of a "dangerous agenda."

“Across the country Republican Senate candidates are embracing a dangerous agenda that’s good for billionaires like the Koch Brothers and bad for nearly everyone else in the country," Cecil said. "Their allegiance to the Kochs means countless millions to benefit their campaigns, while Democrats are boosted almost entirely by our grassroots donors and thousands of generous people across the country who care about having a Senate that works for the middle class."

Cecil acknowledged that campaign funding is a large part of the election equation. But to maintain a majority in the Senate, Democrats have to get out the vote.

"We know our biggest challenge in the midterms is turnout, and we need our supporters to continue to help us win each month so we can provide our campaigns with cover on television and fund the most aggressive field effort in history,” Cecil said.



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