Ken Buck Targeted In New DSCC Ad (VIDEO)

The DSCC is out with a new ad that attempts to create a slogan for voters who are hesitant to vote for Ken Buck, the Tea Party-backed Republican running for Colorado Senate.

"I just can't vote for Ken Buck."

That's the refrain that a string of men and women say in the ad, each citing a controversial position that Buck has taken.

"He's just too out there," one says.

"He wants to put Social Security in the stock market," says another.

Others express concern over his comments on issues such as student loans (Ken Buck denies the ad's claim that he wants to do away with federally-funded loans), birth control, and the 17th Amendment (Buck also said, despite comments last year, that he no longer wanted to overturn the amendment that allows the public, not legislators, to vote for Senators).

"Buck said he'd tear up the Constitution," one person claims audaciously. "I just can't vote for Ken Buck.

Previously, the DSCC hit buck on birth control and abortion. Scroll down to see its latest ad.