DSCC: Republicans Pulled A "Hit And Run With Our Economy"

DSCC: Republicans Pulled A "Hit And Run With Our Economy"

Touching all the spots still sensitive from the Bush years, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee launched a new online effort on Tuesday pinning the economic malaise squarely on the shoulders of the Republican Party.

Titled "They Broke It And Won't Fix It," the campaign is a clear reminder that the Democratic Party still sees political capital to gain from the previous administration. The accompanying video accuses Republicans of pulling a "hit and run with our economy" by following the policies of the George W. Bush.

"Republicans have done a hit and run with our economy," reads the script. "For eight years Republicans backed President Bush's policies that let businesses go unregulated, rewarded runaway speculation and favored the wealthy. They broke our economy and now they don't want to fix it."

In addition to footage of different GOP Senators advertising their obstructionism towards Obama's agenda, the clip includes a shot of a despondent and injured woman, her car hit by a "red convertible" -- shown later with two carefree passengers driving away from the scene. The message is hardly subtle: the carefree excess of an affluent few has reaped damaging consequences for others.

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