This Simple $2 Sheet Will Make Your Produce Last Longer

Tired of your spinach going bad a day after you buy it? The Dualplex veggie and fruit liner keeps it fresh long enough for you to actually use it.
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There’s nothing worse than buying a ton of fresh produce and stashing it in your fridge, unaware of how little time it has left. Your plans for making roasted asparagus and sautéed spinach suddenly have to change when you open your fridge to see your veggies are wilted, brown and inedible.

But what if I told you there’s a way to make your produce last longer in the fridge without having to eat it the day you buy it? That’s what Dualplex fruit and veggie life extender fridge liners do. These food-safe green liners are made of a special foam material that protects fruits and vegetables from spoiling too soon by allowing air to properly circulate throughout the produce drawer in your fridge to prevent rotting. It also absorbs moisture and smelly odors.

Each pack comes with six 12-by-15-inch drawer liners that you can easily trim to fit your fridge, and best of all, they come out to only about $2 each.

If seeing is believing, check out these Amazon reviews that rave about how well they work:

“These add a pretty color into the fruit and vegetable bins as well. They do help keep things longer - especially apples and green onions. They cushion the bottom of the drawers as well because they are thicker, so fruit does not get bruised as easily. They just need to be washed easily under the faucet and it does not take long to dry - but, I live in AZ where nothing takes long to dry - lol. I like them very much and have sent my extra to my daughter to try in her fridge.” — AZkat

“It prolongs the life of veggies and fruit for weeks. I had my doubts at first because I have had poor results with green containers. This product out performed every other veggie fresh product I have ever tried and I’ve tried them all. I highly recommend it. It has paid for itself several times over.” — Wtxwoman

“I bought mine for more than 5 months now, so I can say with real experience that this product does what it claims to do. It really keeps my fruits and veggies stay fresh two to three weeks without spoiling. [I have good intentions when I do grocery shopping, thinking my family need to eat veggies and fruits. But we don’t consume at the speed I plan, and I used to throw away leafy veggies every so often. I have not done that in 5 months now! :)” — Dudee Chiang

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