Dubai Has Robotic Police Officers And They're Amazing

Dubai Has Robotic Police Officers And They're Amazing
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If we’re (just for a moment) able to ignore the dystopian qualities of 1987’s Robocop” we can see a telegraph of the future. Yes, “Robocop” is now one step closer to reality thirty years later (ignoring it’s commentary on mass media, which is also spot on) as Dubai just unveiled the latest addition to its police force: robot police officers.

That’s right, robot police officers are now patrolling the streets of Dubai. Well, actually, that’s not entirely accurate. The wheeled officers are employed mostly at shopping centers and tourist destinations. They’re designed to keep the peace and record petty crimes.

Resting somewhere firmly in the center of the uncanny valley (meaning they look weirdly human and weirdly not human at the same time), the robots have eyes but no mouth or nose. They stand 5”4’ tall and weigh a massive 220 pounds. They have a touchscreen in their chest used to report petty crimes.

The technological advancement has put the Dubai police force on the forefront of a technological revolution. By 2030, Dubai says 25% of its police officers could be robotic, and although the new peacekeepers can’t make arrests, they can recognize faces and compare them to a the criminal database. The head camera can live-stream video and send it to a police command center.

These robots could change the way policing is done and cut down on crime. Welcome to the future, folks.

GIUSEPPE CACACE via Getty Images

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