Ducati Revives 60's Scrambler

If you're into motorcycles you probably know of the Ducati Scrambler. Released in 1962 on the US Market, the Scrambler was the epitome of cool and one of the most collected bikes. The bike had both street and off-road capabilities, was easy to repair, and durable. After continuous modifications through the 60's and commercial success in the US and eventually Italy (the home of Ducati), the Scrambler reached a production pause in 1974.

A 40 year pause. But in 2014 after much hype, Ducati brought back production of the Scrambler. With both form and function, the Scrambler has a deep motorcycle heritage and still remains the essence of cool. It's a rideable piece of art, and gives riders the promise of joy, freedom, and self expression. It's not just a bike; it embodies a creative, youthful, and free spirited lifestyle.

Checking out the pictures and videos of the Ducati Scrambler on The 8 App is sure to give you bike envy. The bike (and it's riders) are hip, bold, and iconic. Let the day dreaming begin!

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