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A Luxuriously Hydrating Body Serum By Duchess Marden

05/13/2013 05:43pm ET

We’ve praised Duchess Marden’s fit-for-a-a-queen line of eco-luxe skin care before (it’s no secret that it’s one of Zem’s faves), so after getting our hands on the newly released Damascena Body Serum, we’re delighted to report that it lives up (and even exceeds) our royal standards.

Beautiful just to look at, the glass bottle packaging and sweet Moorish-style embellishment make the serum a great gift, though it’s what’s inside that will truly please. Luxuriously hydrating, the serum softens and firms skin while working as an anti-inflammatory, and even minimizing discoloration from bruising. Best right after taking a shower, while your skin is still damp, this little bottle of goodness is perfect for dry, parched, winter skin.

This post originally appeared on EcoFabulous.com.