Duchess Of Alba Mixes Prints Like A Pro (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Duchess Of Alba Wears Leopard Like A Pro

Besides her poofy gray bob, Duchess of Alba has one fantastic style signature: patterned tights.

The 85-year-old duchess, who holds more royal titles than anyone in the world, hasn't let old age slow down her sense of fun. She's worn sheer tights with a mini floral pattern paired with a green and blue paisley dress, and has bravely donned turquoise lace tights to match her all-turquoise dress.

But her outfit this week takes the cake. Out shopping, presumably for Christmas, the duchess wore a leopard-print coat with a paisley dress in bold earth tones. On her legs? Black lace tights and patterned shoes.

Go big or go home, we suppose. Behold one of the most audacious instances of mixed prints we've ever seen.

Duchess of Alba mixed prints

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