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Camilla, Duchess Of Cornwall, Tries On Zulu Hat In South Africa (PHOTOS)

The British love their hats. After seeing Princess Beatrice in the famous Royal Wedding hat, an iPad hat at the Royal Ascot and a slew of other nutty Philip Treacy creations, we're tempted to say there's nothing the Brits haven't tried putting on their heads.

But we'd be wrong. Today the Duchess of Cornwall met the challenge of a brand new fascinator, a traditional Zulu headdress, during her trip to South Africa.

With Prince Charles looking on, Camilla tried on the cylindrical topper offered to her by a group in Soweto, just one stop her her royal five-day trip through the country.

While the dark hat clashed with Camilla's delicate floral skirt and white jacket, we think she pulls it off -- though it may look different, it's honestly way more normal than some other chapeaus we've seen lately.

Check out Camilla's new look below -- we only wish we had pictures of Prince Charles in a similar get-up...

Camilla Wears A Zulu Hat