'Duck Dynasty' Star On Her Abortion: 'It's Something I Truly Regret' (VIDEO)

Though they often appear on the hit A&E reality show "Duck Dynasty," you may not know the real story behind the beardless brother Al Robertson and his wife Lisa. The couple came clean about their troubled past in their new book, "A New Season: A Robertson Family Love Story of Brokenness and Redemption," and shared their story Monday on HuffPost Live.

Though they began dating as teenagers, both Al and Lisa experienced a "wild phase" during which they separated.

"I call it a free fall," Lisa explained to host Nancy Redd. "Not only was I with one person, I was with many — and I was just looking for the love that I had lost with Alan."

Robertson became involved with drugs and engaged in premarital sex, which she said led to her biggest regret.

"I got involved with one of my friend's cousins and that kind of sent me down a road of drugs and sex and pregnancy [when] I was not married," she said. "And then of course that led to an abortion, which to this day, is something that I truly regret."

Though the couple now has two grown daughters, Robertson still thinks about her decision. "I could have had three children, you know. And I messed that up, that's me — that's all on me."

She also admits that she was afraid to tell Alan about her abortion.

"I never wanted Alan to find out about that, because I thought if he does, he won't come back, and he won't take me back," she said. "At 16 years old, that was my thinking. That was the way it was going in my head."

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