Duck Fashion Show: Animals Go Waddling Down The Catwalk In Australia (VIDEO)

The models at a fashion show in Sydney, Australia, waddled a little more than usual on the runway. But it wasn't because any of the models were retaining water that month ... it was because the models were, well, ducks.

Some of the poultry couture included a black and red plaid dress (with matching cap!), a pink gown and a blue-and-white printed ensemble.

The duck fashion show appears to be an annual event at various country festivals in Australia. We assumed the runway would be kind of chaotic, but none of the ducks seemed to have quacked (sorry) under pressure. And wait until you see the grand finale, where a very cute couple waddled down the aisle in bride and groom outfits.

We just pity the poor people who had to wrangle ducks into satin gowns.

Watch above for highlights, and see the runway video below!