We Could Never Bring Ourselves To Eat This Duck-Shaped Tomato

If you're looking for adorable food, this fits the bill.

If somebody insisted we go look at their duck-shaped tomato, we’d probably write them off as a quack.

But if that person were Maria Davidek, we’d be wrong. The Michigan woman pulled this adorable piece of produce out of her garden in Mount Morris Township earlier this month, CBS Detroit reports.


Davidek told the station that when she first told her husband to take a look, he seemed to think she was "going a little loony," but changed his tune when he laid eyes on the duck-mato.  

They’re holding off on eating it, at least for now.

"I really can’t say [if I’d eat it]. But not right now," Davidek said. "Right now he’s sitting on the porch table where he’s been, among all his other tomato friends. ... But none of them are ducks, so he’s a loner."

She told local news station WNEM that "this is really something that I think a lot of people should see," and speculated that her discovery might inspire some aspiring gardeners.

Though the adorable piece of fruit is currently spending time solo, it’s not the first tomato to bear a striking resemblance to a duck. Wouldn’t it be nice if they could all get together and ketchup?

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