School Clears Out Its Halls Each Year To Help Duck Family Get Home

Vanessa the duck has been laying her eggs in the school's enclosed courtyard for 13 years.
Vanessa and her ducklings this year, on their way to the pond.
Vanessa and her ducklings this year, on their way to the pond.

Thirteen years ago, Vanessa the duck had a little problem.

Her ducklings had hatched in the courtyard of Village Elementary School in Hartland, Michigan, but there was a big ol’ school building in between her nest and the pond where she needed to bring her new family. Fortunately for her, students and staff, led by teacher Ruth Darrah, had a plan, Good Morning America reports.

Darrah made a path through the school’s hallways, ensuring people were out of the way so Vanessa could safely lead the ducklings to the water.

That first year, Vanessa was a little confused about exactly what route to take through the school, but now she breezes through in just a few minutes as soon as someone opens the door for her.

“She has it down by now, after 13 years,” Darrah told Livingston Daily.

Darrah, who is now retired, returns to the school to help block off certain corridors with black construction paper to help the mother determine which way to walk, according to the Associated Press.

This year's duck family parade took place Thursday afternoon.

“It’s the best thing you will ever witness,” Principal William Cain told Livingston Daily.



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