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Mama Duck Teaches Her Ducklings Life Lessons With Some Tough Love

There comes a time in every mama duck's life when she must trust her ducklings to take a leap of faith; when she must watch as her young 'uns spread their wings and try to jump up a flight of stairs.

All it takes is a little bit of encouragement and a whole lot of motherly patience.

The video above was uploaded by YouTube user Jason David, who filmed the scene in Red Bank, New Jersey, in front of a local school. A fitting setting, indeed, for these darling ducklings to learn an important life lesson in hard work and perseverance.

Mom sets her expectations high, and waits for her ducklings to meet the Herculean challenge.

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This could take awhile ...

Then, the most acrobatic of the bunch makes it up the stairs:

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The future Olympian of the family, no doubt!

Slowly but surely, the rest follow suit:

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That wasn't so hard, was it?

Until there's just one little guy left.

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Oh, the indignity!

Finally, he lands the jump. And then the happy family runs, in a row, off into the sunset!

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Next time, though, they'd just as soon take the elevator, thanks.

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