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Duct Tape: The Miss America Approved Crafting Material (PHOTOS)

It turns out that we have something in common with 2011 Miss America winner Teresa Scanlan. She's obsessed with using duct tape...for crafts and accessories that is. According to this New York Times article, Scanlan can't get enough of the adhesive. She said, "I've made a duct tape skirt, shorts, a couple shirts and a dress is my next project...You know how they ask you what three things you'd want on a desert island? I'd only want one thing: duct tape. It's all you need."

We can definitely relate. If you're an avid crafter like us, you've probably noticed how duct tape has become somewhat of a pop phemonenon in the past few years. We just didn't quite realize how big it's become...until Miss America spoke up.

And there are numbers to show for it. Online tape supplier TapeBrothers.com said its sales have doubled every year since 2008, and tape manufacturer 3M has expanded its duct tape products from five colors to 17.

All that said, after reading about everything from duct tape prom dresses to knock-off purses, we decided to take a closer look at the new duct tape fad. Flip through the slideshow below for 15 incredible duct tape projects we found, and head over to The New York Times for the full article.