Duda Bundchen, Gisele Bundchen's Niece, Designs Clothing Line (VIDEO)

Gisele Bundchen's 5-Year-Old Niece Designs Her Own Clothing Line

In case you needed a reason to feel inadequate about your own professional achievements, we'd like to introduce you to Duda Bundchen, a model and designer at the mere age of five.

You may recognize little Duda's last name -- the most famous Bundchen, Gisele, is her aunt. But Forbes reports that Duda's latest gig involved no catwalks nor lingerie modeling (thank God), but rather designing children's wear for the Brazilian brand Brandili Mundi.

Brandili Mundi chose Duda as the company's (adorable) face last year. Now she's "designing" a collaborative collection called Duda Bundchen for Brandili Mundi, set to hit stores in July.

So how much of the line did this novice actually design? Marketing director Germano Costa explained to Forbes, "She told us about her preferences on prints, cuts and details, and based on the briefing we received from her we came up with a collaborative collection. The pieces were all approved by Duda, whose romantic inspiration will no doubt catch girls' eyes."

Which means... ? Well, in short, total adorableness: you can get a glimpse in the behind-the-scenes video below, which shows Duda posing for the line's ad campaign. We swear, you can even see the family resemblance between Duda and her celebrity aunt.

We have to admit: Duda is super cute. But some might find it strange for a 5-year-old to have her own clothing line. Do you find the new Duda Bundchen for Brandili Mundi project endearing or bizarre?

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