Dude Makes His Own Olympics Because Not Everyone Can Be A World Champ

He gets a gold medal in comedy.

Why suffer from Olympic FOMO when you can just create your own events and arena with exactly zero competitors besides yourself. 

A video recently shared on Facebook by comedian Rémi Gaillard features the funnyman participating in his own “homemade Olympics.” The clip, in which Gaillard turns the world around him into one big sporting event, will leave you belly laughing.

Watch as the comedian sprints in a race alongside a train, long jumps into a pile of gravel, and shot puts fruit he finds at a stand, among other decathlon events. He might not be exactly successful at his DIY sports but he definitely excels at confusing and even irking onlookers. 

The clip was posted on the comedian’s own YouTube account back in 2007, but especially with the Olympics in full swing, it’s not difficult to understand why the silly video’s gone viral once again, generating around 53 million views as of Tuesday afternoon. 

While everything Gaillard does in the video is an absolute hoot, we strongly caution against recreating any of that at home ― seriously most of the events look neither safe nor comfortable. 



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