Dudes Are Sending This Creepy AF Tinder Message, Thanks To A Pickup Artist

Men try to prove they’re "genuine" by copying and pasting a sexual come-on.

Women on Tinder, beware. At the recommendation of a pickup artist, men are asking women to sleep with them using the creepiest form letter of all time. In said message, these dudes claim to be "genuine guy[s]," not "creep[s]" or "pervert[s]." Because nothing says "genuine" like a pre-drafted sexual invitation, am I right, ladies?

On Feb. 15, the Instagram account @feminist_tinder shared a screenshot of a message sent in by a woman who said she and her friends had received the same message on Tinder "word for word." 

"Hey, I know this is kinda weird and pushy haha, but would you like to have sex with me? I'm not a creep or a pervert, just a genuine guy. I would treat you with respect and the sex would be good," the message reads. 

A quick Google search reveals that the message is a Tinder version of the "Apocalypse Opener." According to the site Pick-Up Labs, the original "Apocalypse Opener" requires a man to be upfront and ask a woman he's interested in if she wants to sleep with him within the first few minutes of speaking with her.

"You ask if she wants to sleep with you in the THIRD SENTENCE, hold the line, and reap the whirlwind," Pick-Up Labs suggested.

The Tinder edition of the line comes from Maximilian Berger, an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, a "platform for dating advice and personal development." In a video from July 2014 titled "How to Fuck Girls on Tinder" (yes, unfortunately that is an actual video that exists), Berger shared the message, and added that men should lie if asked if they've used the line before and say they just thought of it.

"The funny thing is you're basically just putting all the logical reasons out there for her to have sex with you," he said in the video. "You're telling her, 'Well I'm not going to consider you a slut, no one will ever notice.'"

Comments on the "Apocalypse Opener" start at 18:35.

In another video where he discussed "what women want," Berger suggested women are made up of two sides: an "archaic version" and a "socially conditioned layer."

You got to address both versions of a girl: you’ve got to address the archaic version. She wants a dominant man, she wants a man who takes her as a girl who doesn’t take her seriously who’s able to spike her emotions. But at the same time you have to adhere to the other layer, which is the socially conditioned layer. "I want a nice guy. He can’t be disrespectful."

He also shares some of his experiences with picking up women on Facebook. In a post from Feb. 2, he teased a (slightly disturbing) explanation of what happened after a woman said she didn't want to have sex:

We undress, as I’m in the process of pulling down her panties she stops me gently, I immediately stop. “Let’s not have sex, it’s my rule.”...

The whole story (and how I turn that beautiful Ukrainian stunner around) will be released TOMORROW at 10am PST via the exclusive The Natural VIP list.

It looks like men are actually taking Berger's advice and have been sharing their personal reviews of the "Apocalypse Opener" in Reddit threads and other forums.

Oh, the "genuine" joys of online dating.

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