#DudesGreetingDudes Hilariously Proves Catcalling Isn't 'Just A Compliment'

If you know a man trying to argue that catcalling is a harmless way to greet someone on the street, we have a hashtag for you to share.

Blogger and comedian Elon James White brilliantly asked over the weekend why, if catcalling is as non-sexual, unthreatening or even complimentary as some have claimed, why don't men do it to other men?

#DudesGreetingDudes builds on the work done by other hashtags like #YouOKSis, #NotJustHello and #ThatsWhatHeSaid. These humorous tweets further the conversation on street harassment by showing just how strange it would be if men said these things to other men walking by.

#DudesGreetingDudes does not appear to be about the stigma of men publicly hitting on other men -- simply a response to that special breed of guys who think catcalling is a harmless "compliment" that women should accept without resistance. If that's the case, why shouldn't catcallers extend their compliments to men, too? Other Twitter users quickly caught on to the hashtag, sharing their own examples.

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