Dudette 07, First All-Women U.S. Air Force Team, Makes History In Afghanistan

A team of female U.S. Air Force officers made history last week when they launched the very first combat mission over Afghanistan to be planned, maintained and flown entirely by women.

As the official U.S. Air Force site is reporting, the two-ship squadron -- called the Strike Eagles of "Dudette 07" -- provided air support for coalition and Afghan ground forces in the Kunar Valley just west of the Pakistan border. It also represents the very first combat sortie on record to involve only female Airmen from the pilots and weapons officers to the mission planners and maintainers.

"I have flown with female pilots before, but this was the first time I have flown in an all female flight," Maj. Christine Mau, a 455th AEW executive officer, is quoted as saying. "This wasn't a possibility when I started flying 11-years ago."

"The women throughout time have paved the way for us today and they made it possible for us to be equal as well as respected as individuals," added Staff Sergeant Tamara Rhone, a 455th Expeditionary Aircraft Maintenance Squadron crew chief. "Females are a rare breed on the flight line. It is my hope that more females step up and join the maintenance career field."

The mission was launched to coincide with Women's History Month, the Daily Mail reports.

Watch official video of the mission here: