Duffy The Dog Can See Again, And Our Eyes Are Getting Misty

This Dog Can See Again, And Our Eyes Are Getting Misty

Duffy looks deliriously happy to see his family again.

The pup, who had lost his eyesight to diabetes, recently received surgery that restored his vision. According to a post about the video on Reddit, it had been months since Duffy had seen his owners.

It all started last year when the dog began to pee in the house. It was determined that Duffy's blood sugar was out of whack.

"Within about 3-5 months he went from a totally normal 8 year old dog to a dog who was completely blind," BenZino21 wrote.

The good news is his surgery, which happened in January, seems to have worked.

"[O]obviously he's still diabetic so he still needs to receive an insulin injection twice a day but the surgery to repair his eyes was a total success and he hasn't developed any problems or complications with his eyesight," Benjamin May told The Huffington Post.

Given his humans' coos of adoration and encouragement, Duffy is clearly loved. And we clearly love this video. (*Sniffle*)

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