The Duggars, Family On '19 Kids And Counting' Share A Day In The Life

The Duggars' MASSIVE Grocery Bill

Maintaining a house filled with 19 kids might seem like a nightmare, but according to Michelle Duggar of "19 Kids And Counting", that isn't the case -- it's all about planning and team work. "We all work together, it takes everyone helping," Michelle told the "Today" show's Savannah Guthrie, who visited the Duggar's Arkansas home this morning.

Michelle and her husband Jim Bob shared their methods to the madness on camera. They have nine bathrooms -- but sometimes still have to wait -- and only four bedrooms. Nine girls share one room; nine boys share another. The entire family uses one big closet. Like a business, they've also established a mail room.

Between laundry (there are 35 loads done each week) and dishes, housework is a never-ending cycle, Michelle says. But all of the kids, with the exception of baby Josie, have jobs. To divide chores, Michelle and Jim Bob split the children into teams with designated captains. Two teams of boys usually get put on dish duty.

What's most mind-boggling, though, is the Duggar grocery bill: $3,000 a month. In that time, the family goes through 5 dozen eggs and 48 boxes of cereal -- it's no wonder they use their garage as a pantry. To ensure that mealtime goes smoothly, Michelle says they plan ahead. For breakfast, they start preparing the night before. It's also helpful to finalize a menu prior to grocery shopping, she says. Then, when it's time to eat, everyone lines up and serves themselves buffet style.

And then ... it's time for a whole bunch of dishes.

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