Drunk Man Says He Was Trying To 'Drive It Off': Cops

Looks like it didn't work.

Michael Moore (not the filmmaker) was arrested on a DUI charge last month and admitted he'd been drinking, but told officers he was trying to "drive it off," according to a police report published by TC Palm Tuesday.

Moore, 61, also said he left the house after an argument with his wife at their Hobe Sound home, during which she said he had been drinking too much, according to the report. The officer wrote that Moore told him he was driving to a bar to get some more drinks.

After two breath tests allegedly measured his blood alcohol content at 0.104 and 0.103 (above the legal limit of 0.08), Moore was held on a $500 bond on a DUI charge.

DUI suspects say the darndest things. In April, cops said a Rhode Island woman pulled over for alleged drunk driving told them she just wanted to cuddle.

And the year before, a Delaware man -- who had been arrested 6 times on DUI charges previously -- allegedly told cops he was driving erratically not because he was drunk, but because an elephant had run into the road.



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