'Dull Tool': Fiona Apple's 'This Is 40' Song Arrives With Plenty Of Spunk

LISTEN: Fiona Apple's Oscar Bid

Fiona Apple's Oscar entry has arrived. "Dull Tool," an original track the singer wrote for Judd Apatow's "This Is 40," made its way online Saturday evening, meaning fans of Apple can hear the song before she belts it out at the Academy Awards (fingers crossed?).

Of course, there's no guarantee the song will win any awards. But Universal is hoping it does -- the studio has listed "Dull Tool" among the items it's pushing for Oscar consideration. And if it does win, Apple would have a chance to best her 1997 MTV Awards speech, in which she famously denounced the cult of celebrity as a "world" of "bulls--t."

Apple is in good musical company in "This Is 40," which includes songs from Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Ryan Adams, Norah Jones and many more big name artists.

The film hits theaters Dec. 21. More, from our earlier reporting:

Apple has some experience with film soundtracks, though this is the first time she's added an original composition to a movie. In 1998, Apple covered The Beatles' classic "Across the Universe" for the movie "Pleasantville"; most recently, her song "Paper Bag" received prominent placement in "Bridesmaids."

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