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The Dumbest Questions Tourists Ask In Hawaii

Tourists get a bad rap across the globe -- they're slow, they ask too many questions, they get in the way. But when we're talking about tourists who are merely crossing state lines to explore a new part of their own country, they don't come much more clueless than those jetting off to Hawaii to get a nasty sunburn while sipping on tiny umbrella'd drinks. Below, the dumbest questions and comments mainlanders ask and make in Hawaii. (H/T Reddit)

"Do you drink coconuts as your main source of water?"
drinking from coconut

"So you're Hawaiian?"
"... No"
"But you're from Hawaii?"

"How do the islands stay so close together without floating apart?"
hawaii map

"I wish I could go to Hawaii but I don't have a passport."

"What do you mean I can't buy a Mai Tai? I'm 18 and this is Hawaii!"
teens tropical drink

"How long is the bridge that connects the islands together?"
never ending bridge

"Do you guys ride dolphins to get to school?"

"How close do you live to the volcanoes?"
volcano hawaii

"That reminds me of this cute scene from 'Lilo & Stich.'"

"Does the water go all the way around the island?"

"Do you fly when you go to the mainland?"
person flying

(Seeing an island in the distance) "Is that Japan?"

"When I get there, where do I convert my money?"

"Your English is really good!"

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