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Dumb Videos We Loved In 2014

We at Weird News embrace the low brow, and there's perhaps no lower brow around than that of the Internet hive mind.

Here are some massively viral videos and Vines from 2014 that also happen to satisfy some of our basest needs. Frolic with a stampede of bunnies. Marvel at a model with a unique appreciation for the classics. But watch out for that exploding glow stick!

Flex Too Hard And This Might Happen
The only thing more fragile than the teenage male ego is the teenage male ability to pick up after itself.
Eine Kleine Boobmusik
When it comes to Sara X's pulsating pecs, the question isn't "why" so much as "why did it take so long for someone to think of this?"
Don't Be A Dingaling, Jack
When your dad warns you not to microwave a glow stick, it's not just because he doesn't want you to ruin your awesome shirt.
When A Deer Farts In The Woods, It Indeed Makes A Sound
One great thing about being an animal is that you'll never feel embarrassed about ripping farts.
When Girls Get Mean, They Get Nasty
We are still not sure what started this, but at least we are certain how it ended.
Twerking Teacher Breaks Internet
Teaching kindergarten didn't work out for this Florida woman, so she turned to twerking.
Hornets' Nest Vs. Garden Hose
For every successful hornets' nest extraction, there are a litany of abject failures. Do not try this at home.
Dance Like No One's Watching
This video is proof that your room mates are the worst, and we don't mean the guy who got caught dancing.
Bunny Stampede!
He Thinks He's People
No one likes a bad haircut, especially this creepy Pomeranian.
45 Amazing Animal Photobombs