These Are The Dumbest, Most Useless Things Twitter Users Bought (Other Than Juicero)

There are a lot of bad decisions in here.

I asked Twitter an innocent question Friday: What, besides Juicero, the $400 Wi-Fi-enabled bag-squeezer the internet has been mocking all week, is the dumbest, most useless thing you’ve ever bought?

The responses were fantastic.

Here are some of the funniest, ranked from bad decisions to very bad decisions to hilariously bad decisions. (I’ve excluded the most common answers, which included college, grad school, gym memberships, class rings, exes, pogs, letterman jackets, and, of course, in-app purchases. I also excluded the ones that kept it super-real.)

(I also purchased a Coin because I make extremely bad decisions.) Also, the list starts getting better here.

These are my favorites (as of 6 p.m. Friday; responses are still rolling in.)

Some late additions below:

Look who weighed in: