The epic turd was more than just a pile of fecal matter.
Van Tine Dennis/ABACA USA

Manhattan’s Lower East Side cleaned up one massive pile of poop last week. Unfortunately, it was the one massive pile of poop that really meant something.

Street artist Hanksy painted the viral mural known as “Dump Trump” in the summer of 2015, shortly after Donald Trump announced his presidential run. Somewhat inspired by the poop emoji, the artist rendered the now president-elect as a literal pile of shit, his signature yellow-orange tuffet of hair perched atop the mountainous crap mound.

Hanksy urged his fans to “dump Trump” by participating in a street art campaign, in which voters could download free images and banners protesting Trump as well as the normalization of the bigotry and intimidation for which his campaign stood. Trump himself even got a whiff of the protest, although he strangely mistook his poopy portrait for a picture of a potato.

Well, Trump won, and the mural is no more. The image was whitewashed on Jan. 6, after the owner of the building housing the artwork received a letter from the city, threatening fines if the work wasn’t removed. Some say, however, its scent still lingers on certain warm, summer nights.

It was a shit mural anyways,” Hanksy told Gothamist, stating the obvious. He then offered to paint the image again, if anyone happens to have a nice, open wall in direct view of Trump Tower. Anyone? Don’t be shy!

Until then, farewell, “Dump Trump” ― the one epic turd in this town that was more than just a pile of fecal matter. It will be missed, kinda.

Van Tine Dennis/ABACA USA

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