Man Wonders Why He Even Bothered With Good Deed

Dumpster 1. Good samaritan 0.

Was this man's good deed really worth the headache?

Surveillance footage posted online shows Ben Garner returning a dumpster that's been blown away in high winds.

But as he's pushing the large blue trash can back against a wall, a violent gust blows its lid over, smashing it onto his head.

He cradles the top of his skull as the dumpster tips onto its side and rolls away. It's all been for nothing. The clip then cuts out.

Garner posted the 9-second clip to YouTube last Friday. Luckily, he doesn't appear to have suffered any long-term injury.

"Wind was bad this morning as I was putting a wheelie bin on its feet the lid smacked me on the head and the rest was history haha," he wrote.

The video is subtitled, "me on cctv this morning good wake up."

The footage is believed to have been filmed at an army base in northern England, according to The Mirror. It's unclear exactly which one.


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