'Dumt & Farligt': Danish TV Show Is Stupid, Dangerous And A Lot Of Fun (VIDEO)

Hey! Do you like to watch stuff blow up in slow motion? Then, this video is for you.

The title of the Danish TV program "Dumt & Farligt" translates to "stupid and dangerous." We can't gather too much information from the show's website, but the basic point seems to be that a pair of guys (comedian Jan Elhøj and stuntman Lasse Spang Olsen) with destructive tendencies film stunts in which they shoot, crush, explode or otherwise destroy a variety of household goods. It's unclear whether the show has an underlying premise apart from wanton destruction.

Update: TV 2 Zulu spokesperson Maia Schwartz got back to The Huffington Post and confirmed that "The show is intended to be absolutely just for fun, as the title 'Stupid and Dangerous' insinuates. It’s an entertainment show from beginning to end."

This highlight reel captures some the Danish duo's best mayhem in super-slow motion, at 2500 frames per second on a Phantom Flex camera.

"Dumt & Farligt" is like "Jackass" with a set premise -- a house that the hosts are free to destroy as they please -- or "MythBusters" without any of the pesky science. Or at least we think that's what it is. The Huffington Post reached out to Denmark's TV 2 Zulu, which airs the program, for comment, but no response was received as of press time. TV 2 Zulu appears to be geared towards a twentysomething demographic, airing other shows devoted to dating and cultural satire.

You could say that the images speak for themselves. But with regards to the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words, these images boil down to a single interjection: "Whoa!"

See more clips from the show and rate your favorites below. Note: The videos are in Danish.