Duncan Hosie, Princeton Student Who Challenged Antonin Scalia On 'Anti-Gay' Writings, Speaks Out

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The gay Princeton student who challenged Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia on legal writings which some have deemed anti-gay is speaking out about the experience.

In an appearance on MSNBC’s "The Last Word," Duncan Hosie said, "I think there’s a fundamental difference between arguing that the Constitution doesn’t protect gay rights and [saying that] the Constitution justifies that we need to use this language when talking about gay rights, and that was the point of my question."

Hosie had questioned Scalia’s comparison of bans on sodomy to those on bestiality, murder and incest. Scalia was appearing at Princeton University to promote his new book, "Reading Law."

Scalia replied by saying he was not equating sodomy with murder but rather drawing a parallel between the bans on both, but Hosie didn't buy it.

"I think he needs to persuade a lot more Americans about his views because I think they're becoming increasingly out of the mainstream," Hosie, who said he received an "overwhelmingly positive" reaction after the story broke nationwide, noted.



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