Duncan Hunter's Blogger Ethics Problem

Apparently the principles of Rep. Duncan Hunter's campaign staffer do not include disclosing who signs your paychecks when you write columns slamming the boss' political opponents.
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The campaign staffer for Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine, Calif.), TheConservativeVoice.com founder Nathan Tabor, signed on as the Director of Internet Outreach in mid-February citing the congressman's "commitment to conservative principles." Apparently those principles do not include disclosing who signs your paychecks when you write columns slamming the boss' political opponents.

According to Tabor's Wikipedia file, which could have only been written by himself, he interned with the racially insensitive former Senator Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina) "whom Tabor has cited as having a great influence on his political views."

Following two failed bids for elected office -- North Carolina's 26th Congressional (2004) and 31st District in the State Senate (2006) -- Tabor launched an internet consultancy firm, TCV Media.

Tabor also authors a column at Renew America, "a grassroots organization that supports the 'Declarationist' ideals of Alan Keyes."

In fact, Tabor blasted former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for lacking "authentic conservative credentials." Tabor slammed Giuliani on abortion:

While Giuliani can claim that he would appoint a Roberts- or Alito-type to the U.S. Supreme Court, he's pro-abortion. That means he's beholden to the abortion faction in our nation -- a faction that believes partial-birth abortion should be considered in the same light as gum surgery. Once Republicans regain control of Congress, it's tough to imagine Giuliani signing legislation that would offer any sort of protection to unborn children.

Further down in the column, Tabor attacked Giuliani's pro-gay history and scoffing at the fact that the former mayor stayed with two gay men when he was ordered out of the mansion by a court.

In addition, Giuliani is not in a position to defend family values, given his history of defending special rights for people who actively engage in a homosexual lifestyle. As Michael Long of the New York state Conservative Party said in 2004, "I just don't see Rudy Giuliani being able to sway conservatives within the Republican Party. The gay marriage issue draws a line down the middle of the street, and Rudy Giuliani is something of a champion of gay rights." As mayor of New York, Giuliani signed a "domestic partnership" bill; he has supported civil unions for homosexuals; and he lived with two homosexual men.

Democratic Senators Hillary Clinton (NY) and Barack Obama (IL) could give Giuliani a "run for his liberal money" as the most liberal candidate in 2008, Tabor concluded.

But the hero of 9/11 is no conservative, and it would be a mistake for the mainstream media to count out conservatives this Presidential election season -- even if it would cause them trouble meeting their deadlines.

Yet all of these comments, true or not, are made without any indication that Tabor is bought and paid for by the presidential campaign of Congressman Duncan Hunter. The brief bio on Tabor at the bottom of the article and atop the archived list reads:

Nathan Tabor is a conservative political activist based in Kernersville, North Carolina, where he owns a successful small business and was recently a candidate for Congress. He has his Master's Degree in Public Policy from the Robertson School of Government at Regent University. Contact him at Nathan@nathantabor.com.

The "About" section on Tabor's website promoting his book fails to inform visitors of his status on the Hunter campaign as well.

In previous columns, Tabor uncovered Planned Parenthood's secret plan to brainwash little children with their "SmokeBusters" anti-smoking campaign. He claimed that since there are 777 streets named after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., most of which are in the South, racism just isn't what it used to be -- so get over it and that 1960s mentality. Also, this timeless conservative classic -- "It's cold outside! That Al Gore is full of shit!"

Just two days before officially signing on with the Hunter campaign, Tabor took shots at the John Edwards campaign bloggers:

I like a good blog as much as the next computer geek -- but I have to admit, it is possible for bloggers to go beyond the limits of sound reason, good taste, and religious sensitivity.

And I wish John Edwards would see it the same way.

Edwards' Internet team includes a couple of bloggers known for hate speech. Rather than direct their venom at targets known for their capacity to fire back -- such as the gay lobby -- they have attacked people of faith. Since such people are naturally inclined to turn the other cheek, you might expect the controversy to end there. But, in this case, it won't, thanks to a fellow named Bill Donohue of the Catholic League.

Donohue is understandably upset that Presidential candidate Edwards would have hate speech enthusiasts on his payroll. [emphasis added]

Define irony: Tabor slammed the Edwards campaign for hiring "hate speech enthusiasts" just days before he signed onto the Hunter campaign and proceeded to go on an anti-gay tirade in a column blasting the political opponent of the campaign that he does not disclose that he works for. (A tirade that Duncan Hunter proved recently that he would most certainly agree with.)

Sadly, No! sums it up best: "We are so incredibly looking forward to the official Duncan Hunter press release on this -- the one that will explain why his Director of Internet Outreach is attacking other Republican candidates on a major conservative website without disclosing any relationship to the campaign."

My question is when Tabor writes his columns at Renew America - is he on the clock?

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