Dunder Mifflin Paper: 'The Office' Product Now An Actual Item From Staples (VIDEO)

'The Office' Dunder Mifflin Paper Now An Actual Product!

After seven and a half seasons of teasing us with their product, Dunder Mifflin will finally give the general public the opportunity to use their famed paper.

Comcast, the parent company of "The Office" broadcaster NBC, has licensed for production a line of paper stock from the world's largest (fictional) Northeastern Pennsylvania-based mid-sized paper company. Staples will produce and sell the product on its Quill.com, meaning fans of the show can print out their own love letters to Jim Halpert on the paper he's made a career of pushing.

That Comcast decided to go with Staples may raise some eyebrows amongst hardcore fans of the show; after all, Staples is one of Dunder Mifflin's biggest competitors, and where Dwight briefly worked while on a sojourn from his beloved company.

Another question to ponder: will the pages display the classic, recalled watermark that involved a duck and a mouse in a very obscene way?

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