Dunder Mifflin Pyramid Tablet Released On 'The Office' (VIDEO)


Forget the Kindle Fire. Who needs an iPad 2? NBC's sitcom 'The Office' is unleashing the power of The Pyramid.

Dunder Mifflin-Sabre brazenly jumped into the tablet market Thursday night on "The Office," bringing their new name to the game. The uniquely-shaped tablet computing device comes with a number of optional accessories, and is sure to confound even the most technologically-adept people out there.

However, as Mashable points out, a number of tablet manufacturers out there might not find this so funny, especially the likes of HP, whose $99 TouchPad firesale ahead of the product's cancellation sparked a frenzy for the cheap tablets, which had sold poorly at their original price points. Likewise, price tags for the struggling BlackBerry Playbook and the HTC Flyer have been slashed recently at Best Buy and other locations.

It's a tough market out there for would-be iPad killers. Can the Dunder Mifflin-Sabre Pyramid top the heap? ...Probably not.

Check out the clip (below) to see the Pyramid in action.


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