Dunk Oreos With A Fork

You don't have to get your fingers dirty with this trick.

If you're an Oreo cookie fan -- whether you like the gingerbread, birthday cake or original flavor -- you know that getting your fingers dirty while dunking the cookie is just part of the game. If you want that cookie dunked, your fingers are going to get wet. (And you want that cookie dunked.) But what if we told you that you could eat your Oreo cookie and dunk it in milk all while leaving your fingers out of it?

You see, Oreo cookies are not like other cookies you dunk. Unlike chocolate chip cookies, Oreos have a layer of creamy filling. It's this filling that makes the whole clean-finger dunk possible. All you need are the cookies, a glass of milk and a fork. We know, forks aren't normally part of the cookie eating process, but in this case they're a must. Stick the creamy filling of the cookie with the fork, and dunk the fork in the milk. Operation clean finger is a success.

Since your fingers are only in contact with the fork, you can eat as many cookies as you want and never have to worry about getting wet, pruned fingers. But if you're a pro Oreo eater, you may want to consider investing in the Dipr. It's the same concept as the fork, just a whole lot snazzier.

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