Dunkin' Donuts Employee Endures Beating, Pistol Whipping For Delivering Wrong Coffee (VIDEO)

A Dunkin' Donuts employee in Lauderhill, Fla. was beaten and pistol-whipped Tuesday for delivering the wrong kind of coffee to a customer, and the ugly incident was caught on camera.

The employee accidentally gave drive-thru customer Alexis Longo an iced caramel coffee instead of the iced vanilla coffee she ordered, reports the Miami Herald. Longo parked her car in the parking lot to tell the employee about the wrong order, and when he realized his mistake, he asked Longo what he could do to re-make her drink properly.

That's when things started to escalate. Rajay Hall, the Dunkin' Donuts employee, came forward to NBC Miami to talk about the assault.

"The girl came in. She was getting upset," said Hall in the video above. "She was screaming at me, just like cursing at me." Hall pleaded with her to let him make it right.

"I made a mistake, I'll do everything I can to fill that mistake," he said. "I asked them, 'What do they want in the coffee?' She was like, 'I don't know, just make back the coffee.'"

Longo allegedly tried to hit Hall, but her husband Jeffrey Wright intervened and allegedly assaulted him instead. A security camera in the store captured the entire altercation, which started with punching and escalated to Wright beating Hall with a gun.

Hall told NBC Miami that Longo encouraged her husband to punch and even shoot him. Luckily police arrived on the scene before any shots were fired. Authorities were able to break up the fight and arrested both Longo and Wright.

Longo was charged with simple battery and Wright was charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. Wright is an armed security guard with a license to carry a concealed gun, notes NBC Miami.

When it comes to abuse from Dunkin' Donuts customers, Hall isn't the only employee to make headlines this year. At another location in nearby Fort Lauderdale, Fla., teenaged employee Abid Adar was recognized by the corporation after he calmly endured a racist barrage of insults from a customer demanding free food. That entire exchange was also filmed; customer Taylor Chapman had uploaded the video to YouTube in the hopes of shaming the store for not providing her with a receipt for a previous purchase.



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