Dunkin' Donuts To Recognize Employee Who Calmly Dealt With Customer Freakout (UPDATE)

Dunkin' Donuts To Recognize Employee Who Calmly Dealt With Customer Freakout

Whoever says that working in food services is a thankless career will have a hard time believing this.

According to the company's Twitter feed, Dunkin' Dounts, the world’s largest donut chain, plans to honor a Florida employee who earlier this week calmly dealt with a verbally-abusive customer. The employee, now identified as 18-year-old Abid Adar of Fort Lauderdale, endured an eight-minute long rant by 27-year-old Taylor Chapman, who demanded free food because she didn't receive a receipt with a previous order.

The angry customer uploaded a video of the episode to YouTube, which subsequently went viral -- though not for the reasons she hoped -- with more than 500,000 views by Wednesday morning. (You can see the video above, but a warning: It does include adult language.)

Dunkin Donuts has since been bombarded with requests on its Twitter feed to reward the employee for his valiant customer service.

The company responded to some of the tweets with the following:

@laurasterritt Our franchisee will b recognizing the employees 4 their efforts. They handled the difficult situation w/ race and patience.

— Dunkin' Donuts (@DunkinDonuts) June 11, 2013

In a statement obtained by The Huffington Post, Dunkin' Donuts said it has reached out to Adar privately to thank him for how he handled the situation. Adar and another crew member who was featured in the video have been invited to a Dunkin' Donuts event in Boca Raton, Florida, later this month for further recognition, the company added.

The donut giant was not the only one to receive a rambunctious social media response after the incident. Chapman, the angry customer who according to her Twitter account has her "bachelor's degree in Business & Marketing and [is] working towards my JD in Law," has had multiple people post critical tweets to her feed:

Adar told the Smoking Gun that he wants to become a doctor and plans to attend Florida Atlantic University in Fort Lauderdale in the fall.

UPDATE: This story has been updated to include a comment from Dunkin' Donuts.

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